Fantastic Four: Grimm Noir #1

Ben Grimm is having nightmares. Seated by a rear window, new wife Alicia Masters has something else on her mind. As the bad dreams continue, Alicia brings her sculpting skills to bear on Ben’s fears. And the hero decides to bring in a specialist. I hadn’t heard this one-off was coming, but when I saw […]

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Batman/Superman #7 review

General Zod is mourning the Bottle City of Kandor, the last remnant of Krypton’s civilisation, recently smashed to smithereens by the extraterrestrial monster Rogol Zaar. In the Wake of the Batman Who Laughs affair, the World’s Finest heroes are testing a computer algorithm that helps them ‘evaluate potential threats’. Their new project leads them to […]

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Action Comics #1020 review

‘Forty minutes ago.’ Young Justice arrive at the Hall of Justice, with Conner Kent nervously hoping to meet Superman. He knows he’s living in a version of earth that’s not the one he knew. Superman arrives, but there’s no time for chat. ‘Eight and a half minutes ago…’ Actually, I’m not that sure. In the […]

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Amethyst #1 review

When I am an old woman I shall wear purple. So goes the famous poem by Jenny Joseph. Well, Amy Winston isn’t old, but boy, does she wear a lot of purple. It goes with the territory – literally, because as well as being a teenage girl, she’s Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld. Just look at […]

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Dan DiDio leaves DC

Well, that was a surprise. Last night the news came that Dan DiDio was no longer DC co-publisher. Bleeding Cool is reporting that he was fired for ‘fostering a poor work environment’. Which sounds awful, I’ve worked in places where just one manager could turn the air toxic. It also sounds like a contrived accusation […]

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Wonder Twins #12 review

Wonder Twin Powers… de-activate! It’s the final issue of the wonderful series from Wonder Comics starring the Wonder Twins. Actually, it’s the second final issue, as the book was originally a six-part mini that was so well received, so soon, that it was quickly recommissioned for a second batch, with only a month or so […]

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Legion of Super-Heroes #4 review

It’s the 31st Century, Superboy Jon Kent has joined the Legion of Super-Heroes and it’s time to learn how the team was founded. His guide? The AI known as Computo. First, background on the founders, beginning with Imra Ardeen, a young woman on the moon of Saturn, Titan, where mental powers are the norm. Then, […]

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The Terrifics #24 review

It’s the conclusion of the Year of the Villain storyline putting the Terrifics against the Terribles in a another time-spanning chapter. I’ve not read this book for awhile; I have been buying it, but I wasn’t very keen on the too-long Noosphere storyline, and then saw Year of the Villain was coming up, and kept […]

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Superman: Heroes #1 review

Superman has revealed his secret identity to the world. How will the planet’s heroes react? That’s the big question we were told this extra-sized special would address. And the answer? What do the members of the crimefighting community have to say? About a sentence each over a busy two pages. Sure, Batman and Wonder Woman […]

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Superman #20 review

Intergalactic despot Mongul has turned up to wreck the United Planets’ party. Leaders of the newly formed peace-seeking organisation have gathered to anoint a world their collective home, an admin centre for diplomats, but the cosmic conqueror isn’t having it. Cue a planet-quaking fight with Superman, there as Earth’s UP representative, one that reminds us […]

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