Fantastic Four #1 review

After a trip to dinosaur days with Sue, Ben and Johnny, Reed retreats to his lab to his lab to check out an arm injury he’s picked up. It turns out that his powers are fading – he’s breaking apart physically … and if it’s happening to him, surely the rest of the Fantastic Four […]

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Trinity 5 review

The fight against the horribly named Konvikt and Graak ends with each of the Big Three doing their part. Superman and Wonder Woman biff and bash, while Batman provides the brains, using something from the bad guys’ spaceship to end the fight. The action is good, as drawn by Mark Bagley and Art Thibert, but […]

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Trinity 3 review

The lead story sees the JLA, minus a certain three heroes, battles Konvikt and Graak, they don’t do very well, Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman show up expecting to save the day, and the former gets a good thumping. Graak continues to be ridiculously annoying with his stupid speeches bigging up Konvikt and the JLA […]

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