Justice League #31 review

Last issue ended with Lex Luthor pitching up at Wayne Manor, ready to tell Bruce Wayne he knows his other identity, and would he please back his bid for Justice League membership? That leads into a satisfying scene this issue as Bruce denies all and Alfred provides surprising – to Luthor, anyway – back-up.  Justice […]

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Superman #32 review

And here it is, the much-hyped debut of the new Superman creative team. The wraparound cover sends the message that writer Geoff Johns and penciller John Romita Jr are out to inject energy into this book. While the image-to-image chest symbol blurring doesn’t come off, stopping after the first few Superman figures, and his calves […]

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Batman Eternal #11 review

Well, that was unexpected.  After ten issues of typically intense Gotham action and character work, Batman Eternal takes a decidedly comic turn. And it works brilliantly. All credit to writer Tim Seeley and artist Ian Bertram for a story that reads and looks like nothing else in the Batman universe.   Oh sure, its use […]

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Supergirl #32 review

Still a Red Lantern, Kara is on her way back to Earth. While she’s fitted in with the gang, leader Guy Gardner wants her to go to planet Mogo to see if the ring can be safely removed. But she’s not having it, she likes that the red energy makes her feel part of something.After […]

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Justice League United #2 review

The origin of the latest Justice League rattles along nicely, with answers gained as to what alien tech is doing hidden in the wilds of Canada, and the nature of Ultra the Multi-Alien. Plus, we finally catch up with the cold open of issue #0. Green Arrow, Stargirl, J’onn J’onnz and Animal Man meet Sardath, […]

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Action Comics #32 review

The Superman Doomed event enters a new stage this issue, with an Enemy of the State banner added to the cover. I’m not sure why the title needs a subtitle as the story continues without any obvious new starting point, but there you go. Inside, we get another title, Nightmare.  And that’s what Superman hopes […]

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The Wake #9 review

  It’s three months since last issue and Leeward has risen to be first mate of Captain Mary’s crew of mutant mariners. She’s convinced Mary to devote his weird ship’s resources to investigating the radio signal from the 21st century which may be the key to grabbing the world back from the savage Mer creatures. […]

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