Uncanny X-Men #526 review

The X-Men are stalking five possible mutants, in the hope that they’ll grow extra heads or develop acid sweat or somesuch. And Hope Summers, poster child for the ‘One of us! One of us! Gooble gobble, gooble gobble!’ brigade, is off looking into her own background. Such are the two story strands this month. The […]

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Wonder Woman #601 review

If there were any doubt that this is a darker DC Universe, it’s the calibre of ice cream men. Seriously? A kid would buy from this guy? (click to enlarge)At night, in a run-down street? And pester him for a product he’s already told you he hasn’t got? Somehow, this dope survives the issue. As […]

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Legion of Super-Heroes #3 review

Reluctant Legionnaire Earth-Man is forced to abandon the team when his new Green Lantern ring compels him to fly off and, even more reluctantly, help some extraterrestrials. Lightning Lad join Saturn Girl in the search for their kidnapped sons. And hypnotic mentalist Saturn Queen continues her one-woman war on the Legion. Those are the bare […]

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The New Avengers #2 review

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes united against a common threat! On that day the Avengers were born to fight the foes that no single hero could withstand! So goes the legend attached to hundreds of Avengers stories. It’s dramatic, concise and challenges creative teams to come up with stories worthy of the brightest and best. And on […]

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Her-Oes graduates to its fourth and sadly final issue as Janet, Namora and Jen end one adventure together and draw up plans for future ones. The issue begins with the heroic triumvirate using their unique abilities to defeat Moonstone and her yellow-clad (and fashionably blind) henchmen at Namora’s mansion. While Namora and Jen fight with […]

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The Avengers #3 review

At the end of last issue the Kang time travel storyline finally started to show signs of forward movement, as Apocalypse appeared, joined by some rather fearsome-looking new horsemen. A master planner such as the X-Men enemy was bound to throw some spanners in the works for the Avengers. Not so much, as it turns […]

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Supergirl #54 review

Dear Superman, while you’re plodding through Philadelphia, spreading the gospel of Superdickery, your cousin is protecting Metropolis. Mind, the threat this issue is firmly Kara-centric, being the Bizarro Supergirl. And Bizarrogirl makes history by being the first twisted duplicate that’s genuinely scary. I noted in my review of last issue that she was freaky on […]

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DC Universe Legacies #3

Last issue we saw the Justice Society retire due to the Communist witchhunts of the Fifties. As we rejoin narrator Paul Lincoln he’s out to help fill the gap left by the heroes who inspired him as a kid. He joins Metropolis PD and soon finds himself partnered by one officer John Jones. And then […]

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