She-Hulk #1 review

Jennifer Walters has been through some changes over the past few years, but today she’s back to basics – a lawyer whose gamma-irradiated blood can take her from mouse to magnificent in seconds. It’s not all sunshine. Constant time out for superhero shenanigans has stalled Jen’s legal career, meaning she’s back to Square One, about […]

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Superman: Son of Kal-El #7 review

Well, there’s a cover. New Superman Jon Kent protesting against climate change with a bunch of equally earnest kids, including boyfriend Jay. Actually, forget the ‘earnest’ bit, after his improved performance last time I’m back to trusting Jay not one bit. Oh, and there’s Aqualad… and is that a sea monster? Anyway, the cover reminds […]

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World of Krypton #2 review

After an assassination attempt on Jor-El, Zor-El and baby Kara Zor-El, black sheep of the family Kru-El is put on trial. New Head of Planetary Security Dru-Zod – he won the role by saving the Els – wants to come down heavy on Kru, who hoped to wipe out his cousins so he’d be head […]

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One-Star Squadron #2 review

Minute Man isn’t a big name among superheroes. A legacy hero, he depends upon the Miraclo drug created by Rex Mason for his vigour, but unlike the original Hourman he doesn’t get 60 minutes of strength – the clue’s in the name. A minute of super powers isn’t going to get you into the Justice […]

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Justice League Incarnate #3 review

Finally, after more than a decade of nonsense, Donna Troy gets the moment she deserves. Sure it’s not main-universe Donna Troy, but what does that even mean when continuity shifts every couple of years? The last Crisis event, Death Metal, ended with an infinite collection of multiverses in play. The Donna we’re seeing most regularly […]

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Superman: Son of Kal-El #6 review

A rare medical condition afflicts some people with ‘face blindness’, an inability to recognise folk from one meeting to the next. This might explain why Lois Lane couldn’t connect the dots between Clark Kent and Superman when he took his glasses off and changed clothes. It turns out things are worse than that for Lois… […]

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