Avengers Assemble #20 review

As the forces of Thanos continue to murder across New York, the Terrigen Mists descend on a suburban home, giving an ordinary person the gifts of an Inhuman. Avengers Wasp, Wonder Man and the Scarlet Witch are trying to protect their city, when they come across a very confused, very naked giant. Can the heroes […]

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Fearless Defenders #10

The transformative Terrigen Mists have been unleashed around the world. In New York, dancer Ren Kimura emerges from a cocoon with weird forearms, just in time to see the Wardogs of Thanos arrive. They aim to kill the new Inhumans in their cocoons, but they’re confronted by the rich and strange Caroline Le Fay, who […]

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The Mighty Avengers #1 review

Another week, another new Avengers book. A line I’m sure I’ve used previously. But that’s just it, Marvel can’t stop extending the brand, most recently with Avengers AI and now, this. Our story begins with Thanos’ lackeys, Proxima Midnight and Ebony Maw – feel free to take a titter break – sent to Earth to […]

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Birds of Prey 120 review

I’ve been looking forward to this issue, the official debut of Infinity, a new character previously seen only in a cameo. And she wins me over straight away by being British, like me . . . yeah, shallow, I know. I also like her skill set – not only does she have phasing powers a […]

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