Birds of Prey 124

The Platinum Flats storyline continues with Misfit, Infinity, Lady Blackhawk and Huntress attacked by the Silicon Syndicate, and Oracle confronted by the Joker. While the former thread interested me, it was the latter that had me excited. And writer Tony Bedard didn’t let me down, as he gave us the encounter I’ve been wanting a […]

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Wonder Woman 26

It’s months since DC announced that The Rise of the Olympian was the epic that would create a new buzz around Wonder Woman. I’m such a saddo that the very fact that Aaron Lopresti and Brad Anderson’s excellent cover sported a special banner made me excited. The comic? Not so much. It’s not that there […]

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Terra 1

In which our mysterious heroine takes exception to Dr Midnite examining her while helping her recover from a battle; she teams up with Power Girl to fight Silver Banshee, then ancient god Gorsedd; newly created element master Richard ponders his future; and Geo-Force gets some aid defending Markovia from zombie master Deadcoil. That’s not bad […]

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The Brave and the Bold 19

It’s a rarity to see the Phantom Stranger interact with the superheroes of the DC Universe. In the Seventies, at the back of end of his lengthy story-hosting gig, he was kindasorta an unofficial member of the Justice League of America, appearing for a panel here or there to provide spookiness. Since then he’s been […]

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Captain Britain and MI13 7 review

Well thank goodness you can’t judge a book by its cover, cos this is one boring cover. It’s well-rendered, but the image of Faiza and the Black Knight on flying steed doesn’t excite so much as calm. And that bloody dull logo doesn’t hurt, making the book look like an auto manual. Inside, there’s some […]

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Action Comics 871

New Krypton continues with Doomsday roundly taken out by a dozen or so Kandorians and a couple of Zod followers put in their place by the latest version of Nightwing and Flamebird (the fifth I can recall, so likely the 12th). Superman continues to be a bit of a wimp, biting his tongue when too […]

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Iron Man: The End 1

It’s awhile since I’ve bothered with an Iron Man comic – my old friend Tony Stark disappeared around the time of Marvel’s Civil War. But here he is again, decades in the future, with no mention of the conflict. And that’s how it should be, I’d like to think that in a few years we’ll […]

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Justice Society of America 20

The blurb at the end of this issue tells us that next month’s story is ‘Be careful what you wish for!’ Coincidentally, that very notion was going through my mind this time. For a while I’ve been praying for the end of the Gog storyline; it has its pleasures, but is too drawn out for […]

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