Shade #9 review

This issue features superheroes, supervillains, gods, monsters and a gentleman thief in conversation with an Irish Gypsy. And if the latter were all this chapter of Shade’s world tour contained it would still be one of the best reads of the week. For Shade is one of comics’ unique characters, a man whose silver tongue […]

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Xombi #3 review

This comic book is amazing. It has a hero who can’t die. Roman Catholic nuns with super-powers. A schoolgirl whose metahuman abilities are fueled by by faith. A kick-ass rabbi. A philosophical ghost. An immortal villain. Back-seat golems.  And more. All in 20 pages. And while the story reads like the X-Files on steroids, it doesn’t feel at […]

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Xombi #1 review

David Kim gets a second shot at comics success with this issue, which appears under the imprint of DC Comics rather than offshoot Milestone. Whatever helps, I suppose. Certainly one of the reasons I didn’t bother much with the Milestone titles in the Nineties was that I was busy with the DC and Marvel lines, […]

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