Wonder Woman #23.1 – Cheetah #1

In the forests of Louisiana, something stirs. It’s Barbara Minerva, the Cheetah, and having been freed from Belle Reve prison by the Crime Syndicate of Earth 3, she’s on the run. And running is something the Cheetah does very well, with speed levels to challenge the Flash. As great as her speed is her ferocity, […]

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Superman #23.3 – H’el #1

You know a Superman comic is in trouble when Zod is a more attractive character than Jor-El. But that’s what we get in this Villains Month special focusing on H’el, possibly the worst bad guy introduced in the New 52. H’el has been thrust into the past of Krypton, a decade or so before its […]

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Batman 23.2 – The Riddler #1 review

Most of DC’s Villains Month specials aren’t the work of the regular creative teams, they’re an opportunity for them to skip a month, thereby getting ahead of the production schedule. And while this doesn’t automatically mean we’re getting sub-par work from the subbing writers and artists, it does mean they tend to be divorced from […]

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Superman #23.2 – Brainiac #1 review

Brainiac. He’s been around since the 1950s, shrinking worlds and locking horns with Superman. As one of the Man of Steel’s best-known villains he’s crossed over to the latest continuity, and this Villains Month special gives us the lowdown on who he is these days. Tying into Grant Morrison’s Collector of Worlds storyline from Action […]

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The Mighty Avengers #1 review

Another week, another new Avengers book. A line I’m sure I’ve used previously. But that’s just it, Marvel can’t stop extending the brand, most recently with Avengers AI and now, this. Our story begins with Thanos’ lackeys, Proxima Midnight and Ebony Maw – feel free to take a titter break – sent to Earth to […]

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Earth 2 #15.1 – Desaad #1 review

Desaad’s been featuring in Worlds’ Finest for awhile, matching wits and weapons with Power Girl and Huntress. The Apokolips sadist stars in this Villains Month one-shot, all three characters are on the cover – so obviously, it’s solicited as an Earth 2 tie-in, a great way to ensure the people most interested in the special […]

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