Aquaman #26 review

I almost didn’t tackle this one, as I still have the previous six issues of Aquaman sitting around unread. I think I was put off by Geoff Johns reintroducing sweet little octopus Topo as a massive monster. But this is the series debut of Jeff Parker, a writer who never fails to entertain me, never […]

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Supergirl #22 review

Last issue, Supergirl fled into deep space, having accepted the idea that Kryptonite poisoning was going to kill her. Enticed to the world of I’noxia, she found a place that could be reshaped by her memories. Then she met a horrific figure, someone who looked like her cousin, but with limbs replaced by sinister technology. […]

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Earth 2 #8 review

Qurac, Bialya … it doesn’t matter which continuity we’re in, or what the dimensional plane, DC is never short of a Middle Eastern country that hates the US. The latest, Dherain, debuts in this issue. Its chief feature isn’t the futuristic towers that dominate the landscape – it’s the citizens’ tendency towards ludicrously expository dialogue. […]

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Booster Gold #46 review

The fight with Doomsday in the World of Flashpoint continues, with Booster alone against the rampaging beast. It doesn’t look good, but this isn’t the same Doomsday as in the real timeline; this is a weaker version, a less wily beast. That fact, and Booster’s sheer grit, mean this is a battle he might win. […]

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Green Arrow Industries #1 review

In this Flashpoint one-shot there’s no super-heroic Green Arrow. Only dashing Ollie Queen, a businessman who’s hit on the idea of using tech confiscated from super-villains, developing it into even more terrifying weapons and selling it on to governments. Nice guy. Well, he thinks so. His security chief, Roy Harper, isn’t so sure. He thinks […]

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Grodd of War #1 review

As Aquaman holds forth over continental Europe, and Wonder Woman bestrides the UK, Super-Gorilla Grodd rules over the entire continent of Africa. But, as the witty opening to this story makes clear, while the rest of the world cowers from Atlanteans and Amazons, few people even know his name.   Clever as the opening is, […]

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Justice League: Generation Lost #10 review

Cliff Chiang’s striking, deceptively simple Batman cover is the most obviously memorable aspect of this issue, but there’s plenty of good stuff inside too.  There’s the unexpected opening featuring the world of Kingdom Come, the wrap-up of Ice’s crisis of confidence and the ever-more impressive Rocket Red. There’s Max Lord manipulating the dimwit Magog, despite […]

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