Ms Marvel 31 review

The Secret Invasion apparently over, Carol Danvers visits her family for the first time in years. Her father is dying and a letter from her brother Joe prompts her to visit. Thing is, though, she’s never regained the emotional connection to her family that was stolen by then-evil mutant Rogue, years ago. It’s a simple […]

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Teen Titans 63 review

Did I swear off this title after last month’s gleeful bloodbath? I can’t recall. Whatever, I’m a comic fan, so any such declaration would have been null and void. This issue was better. As I do recall speculating last time, while Marvin is dog food, Wendy survives (likely to become a new member as some […]

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Superman 680 review

Superman is still battling Atlas, for the third . . . fourth? Fiftieth issue running?It seems like it’s been a while, but the run-in concludes here as Krypto lends a hand. Or rather, a jaw; I’ve never seen the Dog of Steel so fierce, but good folk have no reason to be scared. Nope, all […]

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DC Universe: Decisions

Someone is targeting political candidates in the DC Universe and the Justice League of America aren’t standing for it. At the behest of Superman and Batman, heroes are assigned to guard candidates in each of the four viable campaigns for the presidency. But Green Arrow, being a new and naive hero, allows himself to be […]

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Flash 244 review

Boy, Flash has the fastest turnover of creative teams of any comic I know. Here’s the latest, Alan Burnett and Paco Diaz, and dang, they’re good. Really good. There’s a confidence rare in a first issue, as they take up where Tom Peyer and Freddie E Williams II left off last month, with Wally and […]

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The Brave and the Bold 17 review

The last time story I read by Marv Wolfman which featured Supergirl saw him kill her off. Here, the current Kara Zor-El doesn’t perish, but goodness, it’s a painful read. Current Kara (moody cow) turns to remade Raven (happy Goth) for help with her tumultuous emotions. She’s sleeping badly because she’s flashing back to daddy […]

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All-Star Superman 12 review

And here it is, the conclusion of Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s love letter to Superman, and it doesn’t disappoint. The final chapter of the story of Superman’s 12 trials is as full of drama, wacky ideas and above all, heart as the previous instalments, and even manages to include a final page ‘of course!’ […]

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Ms Marvel 30 review

Look at that cover, the logo’s got it wrong . . . that’s not Ms Marvel, it’s Ms Modok. Seriously, when did her head get so big? It’s almost as if artist Greg Horn Photoshopped one body and a different head and combined them into one image, without quite getting them in proportion. Interesting composition, […]

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Wonder Woman 24 review

We’ve just finished a multi-parter, and another is due to begin in a couple of months, so in between writer Gail Simone gives us a breather. She’s too savvy a writer, though, than to fob us off with a palette-cleansing but meaningless entertainment; this story matters to the series. Maybe not so much the second […]

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Ms Marvel Annual 1 review

Spider-Man is swinging around New York, thinking expository thoughts when, out of the blue, Ms Marvel attacks, him being an unregistered superhero in this post-Mephisto world. They fight awhile before being forced to team up against a new threat to the city, giant robots. Problem resolved, Spidey escapes and Ms Marvel remains angry. That’s not […]

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