Titans Hunt #8 review

And so it begins. And ends. Shortly after Titans Hunt began, apparently a sop to longtime fans, it was announced that it would herald the coming DC Rebirth linewide makeover. Which is rather neat, given that Titan Mal Duncan is once more in his old identity of Herald, and a key cog in the plan of […]

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Titans Hunt #7 review

The Young Adult heroes of the DC Universe are in trouble, with mysterious forces massing against them as they deal with memories they don’t recognise. Aqualad, Wonder Girl and Nightwing have followed the call of organ music played by Mal Duncan to a tornado-shaped tower. Mal’s pregnant wife Karen is up against the Mad Mod. […]

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Titans Hunt #1 review

Hard-luck hero Roy Harper is having feelings of deja vu. He can’t put his finger on it, but that T-shaped water tower reminds him of… something.  When an Atlantean turns Dick Grayson’s latest mission for Spyral into a bloodbath, the unnatural whirlpool into which the stranger flees reminds the former Teen Wonder of… something.  Newborn Amazon Donna […]

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Secret Origins #2 review

Last month Superman had the cover, this time it’s Batman, next month it’s Wonder … er, Green Lantern. So much for my theory that DC’s traditional Big Three were the opening acts for this origin anthology. Not to worry, the images we are getting are certainly winners, though I’d prefer group shots including the other […]

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World of Flashpoint #1 review

DC gets in on Marvel’s events act with a mini-series extrapolating on the world in which its latest crossover is set. Difference being, this is good stuff. The star is Traci 13, a teenage magic user who’s been knocking around the edges of the regular DC Universe for years. Here she tries to make sense […]

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