Robin War #1 review

Once upon a time there was just one Robin. Then there was a second. And a third… But there was no overlap, one Robin succeeded another, again and again. But recently Gotham has seen the rise of a youth movement consisting of self-proclaimed Robins, would-be heroes with no connection to Batman. They train themselves, they […]

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Wonder Woman #613 review

It’s part 842 of the Odyssey story and the finish line is in sight. In this issue, Diana fights Nemesis, goddess of Exposition. Clad in Diana’s original form – the star-spangled heroine of the regular DC Universe – Nemesis battles the new model we’ve been following for the past year. And finally, readers get answers. […]

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Superman #704 review

The Grounded storyline having been grounded, here’s a fill-in, in which instead of Superman walking through small towns and getting introspective, Lois Lane walks through a small town and gets introspective. The small town in question is Rushmark, Indiana, which so far as I can tell, doesn’t exist in the real world – is that even […]

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