Detective Comics #934 review

Bat facts… Batman confronts villain turned vigilante Azrael atop a Gotham building. Things blow up. Batwoman’s dad is trying to convince her to let him help shape her war on crime. Batman sneaks into the apartment Batwoman keeps as Kate Kane and offers her a new role – general to a unit of young crimefighters […]

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American Vampire: Second Cycle #1

Scott Snyder curates a caveful of flying critters in Batman, but I’ve missed his take on the vampire kind of bat since his collaboration with Rafael Albuquerque went on hiatus. So it’s good to see volume two of American Vampire, their 20th century-spanning horror serial, kick off.The narrative has moved up in time to the 1960s, where […]

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Batman #23 review

Now this is all kinds of interesting … We’re still in Zero Year, when Gotham’s streets are enveloped by chaos and Bruce Wayne isn’t yet Batman. He is trying to be a hero, but in the early part of this issue he’s at the mercy of the Red Hood Gang. Its members bludgeon him, their […]

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Batman #21: Zero Year review

One of the biggest problems with DC’s New 52 revamp is the insistence that pretty much all our heroes’ exploits fit into a five-year period. When it’s a character whose story has basically begun again, such as Wonder Woman or the Flash, there’s no problem – stuff happened, but we have little idea what said […]

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Batman #11 review

It’s Batman vs Owlman in the finale to the Court of Owls storyline. Lincoln March, now claiming to be Thomas Wayne Jr, snares Batman and drags him into the sky to show off his version of Gotham – a twisted reflection of the one Bruce Wayne knows. Batman takes a fair few knocks, but finally […]

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Batman #10 review

Batman confronts the Court of Owls, but its members have confronted their own mortality – rather than face the judgment of Batman, they’ve taken their own lives. With a big dollop of ‘apparently’. Batman follows the clues, and his gut instincts, to Willowwood, an old Gotham hospital for kids with mental problems, where he finds […]

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Batman #9 review

Back in the Silver Age, Batman had a suit for every occasion: undersea action, jungle japes, cold capers … he had it covered. And there’s a callback to the old days here, as Batman turns to his 21st-century ‘war suit’ to fight off the Court of Owls’ army of Talons as they invade his cave. […]

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