Flash #8 review

After last issue’s focus on one of Barry Allen’s super-villains, this issue focuses on … one of Barry Allen’s super-villains. Is there a problem here? I know writer Geoff Johns loves the Rogues Gallery, but after dumping Wally West to bring back Barry, it’d be nice to get to know the guy again. As it […]

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Tiny Titans #35 tiny review

If there’s one thing I can’t resist, it’s a parallel Earths cover. Look at those cute Tiny Titans, and their opposites from another world. But are they good or evil, that’s the question. That’s the question which shouldn’t detain you for a minute – all the kids who show up this issue are thoroughly good […]

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Action Comics #896 review

Crivvens, there’s a lot going on this issue as the Secret Six bids to protect Lex Luthor from Vandal Savage. The immortal villain, you may recall, is trying to decipher the meaning of a prophecy that Lex will make him very happy. He’s focussing on Lex’s knowledge of the mysterious black spheres, which is the […]

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Batman: The Dark Knight #1 review

Batman is upset that his long-lost love has gone missing. Julie Madison? Silver St Cloud? No, silly, Dawn Golden. Oh aye, Dawn Golden, she went to college with Bruce, broke his heart, we all remember her.  Errr … Anyway, it must have been a more intense than lengthy relationship, as we know Bruce never went […]

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Christmas #46 review

It’s going pretty well so far, family well, turkey cooking, the priest told a good joke at church, nice pressies I don’t deserve … One such was The Art of Vintage DC Comics Featuring 100 Postcards from Chronicle Books. And among the timeless gems was the above image by Wayne Boring and Stan Kaye. I […]

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Legion of Super-Heroes #8 review

Well, there’s no doubt about it after this issue. Shadow Lass has lost her mind.  Bad enough she’s sleeping with new member Earth-Man, a xenophobic killer forced on the team after trying to destroy the Legion. That could be considered a private foolishness.  But here she votes for him to be Cosmic Boy’s successor as […]

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Wonder Woman #605 review

For five issues we’ve followed a new Diana, one wandering the world with a scowl on her face, anger in her heart and nothing beyond a tiara on the brain.  A smile finally appeared at the end of last month’s instalment and, wonders never cease, it’s firmly in place as we rejoin Diana. More surprising […]

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Oh. My. Lord.

I’ve been a vocal supporter of the new JSA run by Mark Guggenheim and Scott Kolins, but I really do have to point at the upcoming cover for for March’s issue #49 and jeer a little. Alan Scott takes his Green Lantern title too literally. The man looks like a flying coal scuttle …

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Batman and Robin #18 review

It isn’t easy for a new Batman villain to bed in. Most creators seem dead set on giving us their Joker story, followed by their Joker story sequel, and maybe a smattering of Two-Face, Penguin, Riddler and Scarecrow tales. It’s rare that new characters are used often enough to become staples of Batman’s rogues’ gallery. […]

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