Timeless #1 review

Kang’s having a bit of a moment. The Marvel madman recently stepped beyond his status as Avengers headache to headline his own mini-series. And now he’s starring in an extra-sized book teasing new Marvel Universe stories for 2022. I say ‘teasing’ rather than ‘previewing’ because Marvel has produced similar books in the past, and they […]

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The Flash #777 review

Our hero, Wally West, finds himself on an unexpected mission with the Justice League. It’s not the garden variety JL, though, it’s offshoot Justice League Dark, the specialist magic unit who hang out in the Hall of Justice basement. Right now, though, they’re on the home planet of member Amethyst, the Gemworld. And one of […]

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Happy Christmas!

If anyone is reading this on Christmas Day, the very best to you for a wonderful 25 December. If you’re with loved ones, you’re already blessed. If you’re by yourself for whatever reason – the only ‘C’ word that’s getting mentioned here today is ‘Christmas’ – I hope you still have a great day. Thanks […]

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Nightwing #87 review

There’s a great little Fire and Water Presents podcast segment out there called Panel By Panel, in which my pal Siskoid and a guest chat about a single frame of comic art. Shows are short, about 20 minutes, as composition, execution, colours, storytelling and the like are discussed. If a panel from Nightwing #87 were […]

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Teen Titans Academy #9 review

Roy Harper is back from the dead. The hero who began as Speedy and has also gone by Arsenal and Red Arrow has appeared at the school his fellow Titans have named for him, right in the middle of Homecoming. Donna, Raven and co are quite interested as to how this has happened, but are […]

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World of Krypton #1 review

On the world of Krypton, a scientist is shocked by what she finds in the valley below the Jewel Mountains. Three weeks later, the extended El family gather to welcome their latest member. While pushy entrepreneur Kru-El isn’t exactly embraced by Jor and Zor… … they’re thrilled to see their friend Dru-Zod is there. He […]

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