Action Comics #1003 review

Robinson Goode, who’s bad, has a meeting in the Metropolis Underworld. She’s spying on the Daily Planet staff for an unknown criminal mastermind, and has kindly requested insurance for the almost inevitable run-in with Superman. Later, back at the office, Clark has the mother of all migraines. Or should that be Mother World? He soon […]

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Heroes in Crisis #1 review

A hero walks into a coffee shop. A villain follows. The villain orders dessert. The villain attacks the hero. A vicious fight takes them away from the coffee shop and out into the American heartland. Meanwhile, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, who have set up a facility to give heroes a place away from the […]

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Justice League #8 review

In 1988, Will Payton is blasted by cosmic energy from the skies. Gaining powers, he becomes the hero Starman. He should have a great future. Then… Today, the Justice League members are hearing his story – how he was experimented on by Lex Luthor, tormented for the secrets of his powers. He’s connected to the […]

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Mr Miracle #11 review

It’s the day Scott and Barda Free have dreaded. The day they’re handing over baby son Jacob to Darkseid in exchange for an end to a war that’s killing billions. To a strictly rational mind, the bargain makes sense. But Mr Miracle and Big Barda are the most human of New Gods. They’ve agonised over […]

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Archie 1941 #1 review

What’s the matter with Archie? That’s the question everyone is asking in the first chapter of a mini-series that takes the Riverdale gang back to 1941 which, not coincidentally, is when Archie debuted in Pep Comics. This isn’t a move back to the short and sweet gag strips of yore, though, it’s an altogether more […]

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Fantastic Four #2 review (2018)

Somewhere out there, Sue and Reed Richards, children Franklin and Valeria, and a gaggle of teenage super beings – the Future Foundation – are world building. Literally. They’re re-stocking the Multiverse after a cosmic event known as the Secret Wars wiped out many a reality. They’ve been at this task for a good while, creating […]

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