Action Comics #1003 review

Robinson Goode, who’s bad, has a meeting in the Metropolis Underworld. She’s spying on the Daily Planet staff for an unknown criminal mastermind, and has kindly requested insurance for the almost inevitable run-in with Superman. Later, back at the office, Clark has the mother of all migraines. Or should that be Mother World? He soon […]

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Heroes in Crisis #1 review

A hero walks into a coffee shop. A villain follows. The villain orders dessert. The villain attacks the hero. A vicious fight takes them away from the coffee shop and out into the American heartland. Meanwhile, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, who have set up a facility to give heroes a place away from the […]

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Justice League #8 review

In 1988, Will Payton is blasted by cosmic energy from the skies. Gaining powers, he becomes the hero Starman. He should have a great future. Then… Today, the Justice League members are hearing his story – how he was experimented on by Lex Luthor, tormented for the secrets of his powers. He’s connected to the […]

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Mr Miracle #11 review

It’s the day Scott and Barda Free have dreaded. The day they’re handing over baby son Jacob to Darkseid in exchange for an end to a war that’s killing billions. To a strictly rational mind, the bargain makes sense. But Mr Miracle and Big Barda are the most human of New Gods. They’ve agonised over […]

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Archie 1941 #1 review

What’s the matter with Archie? That’s the question everyone is asking in the first chapter of a mini-series that takes the Riverdale gang back to 1941 which, not coincidentally, is when Archie debuted in Pep Comics. This isn’t a move back to the short and sweet gag strips of yore, though, it’s an altogether more […]

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Fantastic Four #2 review (2018)

Somewhere out there, Sue and Reed Richards, children Franklin and Valeria, and a gaggle of teenage super beings – the Future Foundation – are world building. Literally. They’re re-stocking the Multiverse after a cosmic event known as the Secret Wars wiped out many a reality. They’ve been at this task for a good while, creating […]

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Superman #3 review

‘Superman vs the unstoppable Rogol Zaar!’ is what the cover promises. We don’t get that this issue, but it is coming. What we do get is the best Superman story since Brian Michael Bendis took over the character. The issue opens at STAR Labs, where supervillain Live Wire, in a quest to expand her powers, […]

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Supergirl #22 review

Kara and Krypto are zooming through space in their Kryptonian spaceship, heading for Mogo, planetary headquarters of the Green Lanterns. There Supergirl hopes to find files detailing the truth of Krypton’s destruction – was it genocide instigated by the alien Rogol Zaar, as he claimed before Kara banished him to the Phantom Zone? GL Hal […]

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Batman #54 review

Dick Grayson has been filling in as Batman while Bruce Wayne was a juror at the trial of Mr Freeze. Jury service over, Dick could return to Blüdhaven. Bruce isn’t exactly full of explicit gratitude at Dick’s willingness to be there for him in the aftermath of his non-wedding to Catwoman. But neither does he […]

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