Jinny Hex Special #1 review

The space cowgirl from Young Justice gets her own extra-sized special from DC’s Wonder Comics imprint, giving us a closer look at Jinny and her world. It begins with a stranger walking into the garage she runs with the help of pals Lady Bird and Alex. Is he Jinny’s father? It’s just weeks since her […]

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DC Universe Rebirth Reassessed!

Paul Hicks, Jeff Lester and myself discuss DC’s game-changing 80-page giant on the latest episode of Paul’s DCOCD podcast. That’s the show in which Paul, his brain befuddled by the neverending parade of DC events, gets his therapy by talking through things with guests. And this time it’s Jeff, from the always excellent Wait, What? […]

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Ten from 2020 – overlooked gems

I’ll be glad to see the back of 2020, like most everyone, I expect. But there have been incidental pleasures in this world of Covid and Brexit. Including these comics, all of which you can read about more fully by touching the highlighted title. The Terrifics #24 The Year of the Villain ‘event’ was a […]

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Action Comics #1028 review

It’s the aftermath of the Super-Family’s war with the Invisible Mafia. They won. There’s time for everyone to breathe, reflect on recent events. Such as the news that Jimmy Olsen is the new owner of the Daily Planet. At the Hall of Justice, super-scientists have been working up the results of their studies into super-clone […]

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Power Pack #1 review

Power Pack are back! Katie, Jack, Julie and Alex are together for the first time in years in a five-issue mini-series tying in to the Outlawed event. As best as I can tell, that’s Civil War for Marvel’s younger set, and while I couldn’t resist grabbing a new Power Pack book, my lack of enthusiasm […]

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Nightwing #77 review

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the city, Nightwing was endeavouring to fight the self-pity Much-needed distraction comes in the shape of two cases – the weekly break-out at Arkham Asylum, and problems at a computer company. Batman takes the former, while Nightwing accepts the Dexiturn Technologies job. The blackmailer is asking for […]

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