Daredevil #1 review

Daredevil is back in the dark. He’s swapped sunny San Francisco for gloomy New York, he’s wearing black, and everyone this side of Foggy Nelson has forgotten his secret identity. Matt Murdock’s best friend is back in the Big Apple too, and far from delighted that he’s immediately dragged back into the Man Without Fear’s […]

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Superman: Doomed #2 review

It’s been a long time coming. Civilisations have risen and fallen in the time the Superman: Doomed storyline has taken. But here it is, the final confrontation between the monstrously transformed Superman and the Collector of Worlds, Brainiac. To say this storyline has been uneven is to understate massively. Good chapters have been followed by […]

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Superman/Wonder Woman #11 review

Last week we had three chapters of Superman Doomed, two of them giant-sized. It was all too much, I couldn’t face reviewing them. A week later, there’s a single chapter and things seem more manageable.   We’re pretty much where we’ve been for the last several chapters – most of the people of Earth are […]

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Superman Doomed #1 review

I was there when Doomsday killed Superman. I was bored. Thump. Bash. Wham.  A lot of splash pages and a lot of bruises and blood. Not a great story – the great story came in between the dull Death of Superman and the rather rubbish Resurrection. It featured the four claimants to the Superman name […]

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Superman/Wonder Woman #8 review

After his Alaskan sojourn in Action Comics #31, and his changing metabolism having barred him from the Fortress of Solitude, Superman has retreated to his Metropolis apartment. There he sits in the dark, brooding. A concerned Wonder Woman tracks him down and is perturbed – but not frightened – by the changes the Doomsday virus […]

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Superman/Wonder Woman #1 review

Wonder Woman and Superman are dating and while they’d like a nice dinner and some snogging, the superhero life tends to get in the way. So it is that a quiet night at Diana’s London flat is interrupted by a call to Norway, where an unnatural storm threatens sea traffic. Superman is confident he can […]

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Swamp Thing #19 review

The long, long Rotworld storyline is over and Swamp Thing gets a soft relaunch with a new creative team. Charles Soule hops on board as writer, Kano takes over as artist and suddenly I’m interested again. Instead of fighting monsters, Swamp Thing fears he’s becoming as monstrous inside as he looks on the outside. You […]

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