Superman #23.3 – H’el #1

You know a Superman comic is in trouble when Zod is a more attractive character than Jor-El. But that’s what we get in this Villains Month special focusing on H’el, possibly the worst bad guy introduced in the New 52. H’el has been thrust into the past of Krypton, a decade or so before its […]

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Superman #23.2 – Brainiac #1 review

Brainiac. He’s been around since the 1950s, shrinking worlds and locking horns with Superman. As one of the Man of Steel’s best-known villains he’s crossed over to the latest continuity, and this Villains Month special gives us the lowdown on who he is these days. Tying into Grant Morrison’s Collector of Worlds storyline from Action […]

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Justice League #7 review

In Baltimore, the Justice League saves the day when scientist Dr Samuel Street is infected with a virus he’s delivering to government organisation ARGUS. The bug turns him into a monster-man able to create mini-monster men. As well as physically, it brings out the worst in him mentally, causing him to threaten his ex-wife. Putting him […]

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Action Comics #3 review

Three months into the Superman relaunch and we get our first look at Krypton, as Jor-El warns Lara to get out of Kandor just in time for her to see it stolen by, presumably, Brainiac. A quarter of a century later, on Earth, Clark Kent dreams of the catastrophe, witnessed by him as a babe-in-arms. […]

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Project Superman #1 review

Lt Neil Sinclair, patriot. He’s volunteered for Project Superman, General Sam Lane’s attempt to create a super-soldier to protect America from rogue metahumans. We first meet him 30 years ago, when he’s jumped to the front of the queue due to a number of run-ins with paranormals. Prone to quoting zen proverbs, and sporting what look […]

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Starman/Congorilla #1 review

DC finally gives us a Blue & Gold book Having to fit in with DC’s Iconic Cover month is a bit of a bugger when you’ve never had a comic book before. So well done to whoever designed the Starman / Congorilla cover around Gene Ha’s excellent visual for coming up with not just something, but […]

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