Legion: Secret Origin #4 review

As the newly formed Legion of Super-Heroes grows, the mysterious attacks on backer RJ Brande continue. Chameleon Boy, Invisible Kid and Colossal Boy sign up, though Brainiac 5 resists the idea when Phantom Girl suggests he does too. The Science Police gripe to the United Planets about the Legion poaching its potential recruits, but the […]

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Secret Avengers #21.1 review

Captain America takes Hawkeye on a hush-hush mission to one of those ultra-corrupt little nations that populate spy fiction. Hawkeye’s bombastic ways see things go awry, annoying Cap, who so wanted his pal to succeed – unknown to Hawkeye, Cap was testing his covert op skills in the hope he could succeed him as Secret […]

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Justice League #5 review

Darkseid has landed in Metropolis and has his eyes on Flash and Superman. More specifically, his omega beams, the deadly force blasts that can lock on to a person, making evasion almost impossible. ‘Almost’. The fastest man alive finds a way to escape being blasted to atoms, and while Superman isn’t so lucky, he is […]

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Teen Titans #5 review

Superboy has pretty much beaten Wonder Girl but before he can turn her over to his masters at NOWHERE, her new friends – christened the Teen Titans by Red Robin – arrive on the scene. After a bunch of individual tussles, they lie defeated but score something of a win … Superboy tells the shady […]

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Red Hood and the Outlaws #5 review

Artist Kenneth Rocafort and colorist Blond present a killer cover for the fifth issue of this consistently excellent DC New 52 original. The imposing monster. Helpless hero. Hurting heroine, hair flowing like blood. And all imposed on a gorgeous winter scene … The artwork’s just as impressive inside, in a more sequential way, of course. […]

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Uncanny X-Men #5 review

This issue the Brotherhood of Evil X-Men handles a dangling plot thread from an X-Force story. Angel had become evil old Archangel again (he’d fit right in here) but Psylocke was too soft to kill him, meaning 5,000 people died in a nuclear blast. Oops. The spot where they perished is now a temporal anomaly […]

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Legion of Super-heroes #5 review

‘One day, a thousand years from now …’ the Legion of Super-Heroes takes a breather. With no universe-shaking crisis to beat, the members enjoy a rare day of downtime. They train, they love, they party, they work. Over the course of 24 hours we check in with, by my count, 29 members and reserve members, […]

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Supergirl #5 review

Hoping to learn what happened to her world, Kara follows the sunstone’s lead through hyperspace to a blue orb, where she finds her home, Argo City. But it’s deserted, in ruins. The sunstone plays a message from her father, Zor-El, telling Kara how he planned to save the city from Krypton’s destruction, but unsure he’d […]

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Wonder Woman #5 review

Diana’s having a breakfast of tomatoes in London with pals Zola and Hermes when a stranger, Lennox, brings a side order of obtuseness. ‘It must be something to learn yea has a dad the same day yea learn he’s scarpered off the … call it the immortal coil?’ Well cor bloimey and lor luvvaduck. Rather […]

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Legion Lost #5 review

‘Never stopped you either, energy-sock.’ And there you have it, my favourite line in this week’s comics. But who said it? Stick around, embrace spoilers and I’ll get to that. As we rejoin the storyline, Dawnstar is fighting super-villain from the future Alastor – three of him, due to his manifesting the powers of a […]

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