Threshold Presents The Hunted #1

Tolerance. It’s always a good thing. Except when Tolerance is the name of a city on an enemy world and you’re being hunted down by citizens eager to claim a bounty on your head. That’s the situation facing Green Lantern Jediah Caul in this new science fiction drama. Captured, then cast out for the benefit […]

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AVX: Consequences #1 review

Avengers Vs X-Men is over and the consequences are: The Black Panther’s people don’t want help from the X-Men to rebuild Wakanda after it was razed by Namor. Cyclops is in a regular prison, his powers kept on a leash via a new inhibitor collar the Government intends to roll out now the mutant population […]

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Avengers Academy #12 review Continuing from last issue’s Korvac mini-saga, Avengers Academy #12 sees the students become the masters. Carina, daughter of Cosmic Bigwig The Collector, places their consciousnesses in the bodies of elder counterparts from future realities. The swap should bring enough control over their abilities to allow them to defeat her estranged husband, who wants to rule […]

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