Batman #16 review

The Death of the Family crossover continues, with Batman wandering the corridors of Arkham Asylum, transformed into a twisted Bat-Castle in tribute to the Caped Crusader. A dance of death with guards and prisoners dressed as twirling Jokers and Batmen; blazing knights and nightmarish steeds; a tapestry of Batman’s adventures made of mutilated men. It’s […]

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Green Arrow #1 review

One of the aspects of the New 52 books from DC that I’m appreciating is the extended scope of adventures. In the old days a hero was more likely to visit the dead planet Krypton than, say, Wales. When a country other than the USA did appear, it was usually there only to be blasted […]

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Superman #706 review

As J Michael Straczynski walks away from the less-than-popular ‘Grounded’ storyline, Superman gets its second fill-in in three issues, which is rather pathetic. Still, as a fan of the Daily Planet staff, an issue checking in with them doesn’t sound like the worst thing ever. And it isn’t. Not quite. As with the Lois-centred #705, […]

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Batman Confidential #50 review

Today: Batman’s run-in with the Justice League during Identity Crisis, sort of. Seven years ago: Batman attempts to solve the disappearances and murders of women in Gotham City A few years before that: a pre-Batman Bruce Wayne is tracking a mysterious figure who has laid waste to a Chinese village. A couple of years later: […]

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Superman #704 review

The Grounded storyline having been grounded, here’s a fill-in, in which instead of Superman walking through small towns and getting introspective, Lois Lane walks through a small town and gets introspective. The small town in question is Rushmark, Indiana, which so far as I can tell, doesn’t exist in the real world – is that even […]

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