The Amazing Spider-Man #1 review

It’s a brand new day for Spider-Man. Another. And it begins with a dream. Peter and Mary Jane atop a high spire in New York City. A rude awakening is provided by his and Robbie Robertson’s new roommate, Fred Myers, playing video games insanely loudly at 5am. Myers, like Peter, does some of his best […]

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Amazing Spider-Man #657 review

The Human Torch is dead (I know, it’s been weeks) and the Amazing Spider-Man commemorates Peter Parker’s longstanding friendship with Johnny Storm by giving us three light-hearted untold tales centred on the pair. The memories are relayed by Ben Grimm, Sue Richards and Reed Richards as Peter drops by the Baxter Building to offer his condolences.  There’s the FF […]

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Amazing Spider-Man #648 review

It’s the new Spider-Man era, same as the old Spider-Man era … which is fine by me. Brand New Day gave us the most consistently high-quality run of Spidey stories in a decade, and the latest sequence, tagged Big Time, looks set to continue in a similar vein. That’s similar, not the same, for the […]

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