Trinity of Sin: Pandora #2 review

Pandora’s meeting with Wonder Woman and Superman has attracted the attention of the good guys and the bad guys. The good guys are superhuman agencies S.H.A.D.E. and A.R.G.U.S. in the shape of Agents Kincaid and Chang. The bad guys are the Secret Society of Super-Villains, represented by Vandal Savage, Giganta and Signalman. The first group […]

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The Wake #3 review

Something wicked this way swims … A team of experts have been gathered by a government agent deep below the ocean off Alaska to study a strange creature who emits a haunting call. There’s a hunter, a folklore expert and a pair of marine biologists. The opening issues of this Vertigo series saw the team […]

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Hawkeye Annual #1

Just look at that wonderfully composed, delightfully executed cover. And look at it for awhile, because it’s the best art this comic offers. And that’s despite the fact that cover artist Javier Pulido draws the book outside and in. I love Pulido’s work. Whether he’s drawing Shade, Spidey, Robin, the Human Target, I’m there. So […]

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Superman #22 review

The Psi War storyline continues, with psychics Hector Hammond and the Hive Queen at one another’s throats. Meanwhile, Superman ponders his vulnerability to mental attacks before catching up first with blogging partner Cat Grant, then best pal Jimmy Olsen. His chat with the latter is interrupted when Metropolis is attacked by familiar-looking tech, prompting Clark […]

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Justice League Dark #22 review

A difference of opinion is at the centre of this issue. Dr Light has died after being blasted by Superman’s heat vision. Wonder Woman believes his contact with Pandora’s Box is to blame. Batman fears the legendary vessel is too dangerous to go after, on the word of mystery man the Phantom Stranger and former […]

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Supergirl #22 review

Last issue, Supergirl fled into deep space, having accepted the idea that Kryptonite poisoning was going to kill her. Enticed to the world of I’noxia, she found a place that could be reshaped by her memories. Then she met a horrific figure, someone who looked like her cousin, but with limbs replaced by sinister technology. […]

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Vibe #6 review

OK. Vibe isn’t selling big numbers. That must stop, now. Because the sixth issue is once again one of the smartest, most fun superhero books available today. And it features one of the biggest scenes since DC rebooted its universe. Said scene involves the escape of a batch of prisoners from the Circus facility run […]

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Legion of Super-Heroes #22 review

Comic Book Rule 12a: the closer a series is to cancellation, the better it gets. So it is that the penultimate Legion of Super-Heroes of this run is a better than average issue, featuring some seriously good moments in a chapter that entertains from start to finish. It’s not perfect, but it feels more like […]

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Adventures of Superman #12 review

In its short life the weekly digital DC release Adventures of Superman has hit several moods, most obviously high adventure and sly humour. This week the prevailing tone is poignancy, as we get a mother’s perspective on Superman. But there’s nothing depressing about this book, it’s a life-affirming ode to moms everywhere; yes, Clark has […]

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Batgirl #22 review

Barbara Gordon comes back from a night of crimefighting to find she’s forgotten that she’s meant to be going on a date. At the front door, bearing a bouquet, is Ricky, whose one attempt at being a car thief cost him a leg. Now he’s cleaned up his act and getting to know Babs. If […]

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