Happy Christmas!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful day, whether you celebrate Christmas, another holiday or whether it’s just a regular day. Thanks for popping by this year, whether you’re someone whose name I know or not. And if you’ve never said ‘hello’, please feel free! All comments welcome.

Did anyone get any comics related gifts? I received one of those funny Funko dolls, Wonder Woman; the first two Waid/Kitson Legion trades, allowing for a convenient reread; a Broons/Oor Willie collection focusing on famous faces seen in the Scottish Sunday Post comic strips; and a 1964 Bunty book – Bunty was a British girls’ paper that ran for decades featuring tales of plucky orphans, confused schoolgirls and downtrodden ballet students – fantastic stuff!

5 thoughts on “Happy Christmas!

  1. I got a Hallmark Harley Quinn tree ornament (I don’t have a tree, but that’s ok), and the Injustice 2 Supergirl figure that Dr. Anj recently reviewed.

    Happy Christmas to you, Happy Holidays to everyone, and thanks for blogging and providing this open and friendly discussion space.

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  2. Very cool! Merry Christmas, Mart! I don’t have any comics-related gifts–yet… Christmas winds up being a weeklong celebration between my family and Kathy’s–but I *did* get a long-sought-after book by magician and con artist historian Ricky Jay, Ricky Jay’s Anomalies — a collection of his newsletters chronicling oddities and flimflams throughout history. It might not be comic-related *now*…but who knows what it’ll inspire me to write!

    As for superhero ornaments, my prize is a moving Superman ornament–a phone booth that spins from Clark to Superman inside. I’ve probably had it for 20 years now…


  3. RobStaeger, put me down for a copy of your Ricky Jay’s anomalies adaption!
    I’ll be your first backer if you crowdfund!


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