Ant-Man #1 review

It’s 60 years since Hank Pym was ‘The Man in the Ant Hill’, star of a one-off suspense short in Tales to Astonish #27. Either reader response was great or someone at Marvel saw potential, but plainclothes boffin Hank Pym soon returned… as a superhero. It’s safe to say Hank has had his ups and […]

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Detective Comics #1062 review

Evan Cagle’s moody cover, featuring a swanky new logo by Darran Robinson, is a declaration of intent. This new run of Detective Comics is going to be all about the melodrama – a play with music. The music arrives in the first scene, on the stage of an opera house in darkest Gotham. There’s an […]

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Dark Crisis: Young Justice #2 review

Last issue Impulse, Superboy and Robin vanished from the Justice League’s memorial service. They appeared in what was apparently their past and soon began questioning its reality – someone seemed to be deliberately trying to keep them too busy to think. At the end of the issue, Wonder Girl Cassie Sandsmark appeared in classic YJ […]

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Superman: Son of Kal-El #13 review

There’s some very good news for Superman 2 Jon Kent this month. We’ll get there, but first, the lead-up. We open with Jon’s fella, Jay Nakamura, exposed as the madly masked master of The Truth, the alternative online news source. After Jay expresses a desire to get away from the unwanted attention Jon flies him […]

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DC Vs Vampires #7 review

We’re at the halfway point of DC’s latest imaginary apocalyptic saga, following the successes of Injustice and DCeased. The Undead plague has taken most of the heroic big hitters, the skies are black and humans are being farmed in Smallville. A ragtag group of heroes are leading a convoy to a rumoured secret sanctuary. Adam […]

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Flashpoint Beyond #3 review

Thomas Wayne, the Batman of the Flashpoint timeline, is on a mission to reset reality. He wants to be dead, and his son Bruce to be Batman in his place. The Superman of this version of the DC Universe – Kal-El, Subject 1, the Super-Man – has other plans for Thomas… to lead the superheroes […]

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Dark Crisis #2 review

Titans Tower is under siege as DC’s biggest event of 2022 continues. The good news is that Titans Academy student Chupacabra hasn’t been blown to smithereens along with the bomb strapped to him last issue. The bad news is that said explosive did indeed go off, wrecking the superhero school for the second time this […]

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