Action Comics #1005 review

It’s just another day in Metropolis. A hood is trying to sell his boss an object of power. A mystery man intervenes. And Clark Kent is mentoring new reporter Robinson Goode. The regular reader knows Goode is bad, in collusion with the city’s ‘Invisible Mafia’, whose secret weapon is the metahuman murderer Red Mist. And […]

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Heroes in Crisis #3 review

Heroes in therapy. That’s what we get as the third issue of Tom King and Clay Mann’s limited series opens. Lagoon Boy, The Flash, Booster Gold, reeling off name, tagline and how long they’ve been at Sanctuary, the treatment centre for emotionally battered super-people. Turn the page and there’s a shocking image. Is this the […]

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Sideways #10 review

It’s not a good day to be Sideways. The newest hero on the block, who has the power to create rifts in space and time, has just triumphed as a temporary member of the Seven Soldiers of Victory, but he’s been missing from home for a week. His dad, who doesn’t know Derek was made […]

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Justice League #12 review

To best enjoy the current Justice League run, it’s best not to sweat the big stuff. Moon blown up? Just go with it. Everyone on earth transformed into sea monsters? It happens. If things don’t make sense at the time, they’re generally clarified an issue or two later. I’m not so keen on outright cheats, […]

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Supergirl #24 review

Supergirl is in the far reaches of space, desperate to track down the truth about the last days of Krypton. A Guardian of the Universe has told her the monstrous Rogol Zaar, the man who claimed to have murdered her home planet, was part of a conspiracy. Now she wants to find the other members […]

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Mr Miracle #12 review

It’s the final issue of Tom King and Mitch Gerads’ Mr Miracle maxi-series and I read it with a growing sense of dread; not so much because of events in the story but due to a fear they wouldn’t stick the landing. The thing is, as I’ve said previously, I’ve bought every issue of this […]

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The Wrong Earth #3 review

Two superheroes and two supervillains of parallel worlds have swapped places. Dragonflyman of Earth Alpha is getting used to Earth Omega, while Dragonfly of Earth Omega… well, you get the picture. The device that saw them accidentally move worlds is a magic mirror belonging to their number one foe, named, funnily enough, Number One. There’s […]

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Adventures of the Super Sons #4

Damian Wayne and Jon Kent have spent the last few issues tackling the super-brats calling themselves The Gang. Artificial red kryptonite has split Superboy into blue and red versions of himself, Robin is getting increasingly ratty, the boys are outnumbered… … enter Joker Junior, reluctant Gang member, and his new pal Space Cabbie. While the […]

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The Green Lantern #1 review

It’s not the elegant image of Hal Jordan and power battery that truly struck me as regards the cover of The Green Lantern #1, it’s the copy. ‘Beware my power!’ warns an above-the-logo slogan. ‘Earthman Hal Jordan brings justice to the stars’ notes the log line. And then there’s the story arc title, ‘Intergalactic Lawman’. […]

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