Batman #12 review

Batman is fighting his way across Bane’s Santa Prisca stronghold. Dozens of thugs stand in his way but he’s determined to snatch Psycho Pirate from him and take him back to the US. He wants the mind-mangling villain to restore the sanity he stole from troubled young heroine Gotham Girl.  That’s what’s happening in the pictures. […]

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Midnighter #12 review

So goodbye Midnighter, we hardly knew ye.  Actually, that’s not quite true – 12 issues isn’t a long run but writer Steve Orlando packed so much into each offering of this series that by this closing chapter, we’re a lot closer to Lucas Trent than we were at the start.  The story takes up where […]

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Midnighter #6 review

As we join the Authority’s enhanced urban vigilante, Midnighter is taking a break from his quest to learn who plucked the technological ‘flowers ‘ from the God Garden. Dinner with boyfriend Matt is interrupted by an aerial attack – the boys are OK, but Matt’s flat is wrecked. What to do than go country hopping […]

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Grayson #12 review

It’s fair to say this is the issue I’ve been waiting for, as Dick Grayson returns to Gotham City and lets his friends know he’s alive. Well, all except Bruce Wayne, who’s currently a new man, free of any memory of his life as Batman. That situation makes for a compelling opening scene as Dick, […]

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Midnighter #1 review

Earth’s most violent superhero gets his own book and we quickly see that Midnighter isn’t just a fighter, he’s a lover. He’s on a first date with IT guy Jason, looking very dapper, when super-terrorists teleport into the restaurant they’re in, looking for a trio of political enemies. Midnighter, with his ability to predict the […]

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