Convergence: Superman #1

They’ve been stuck under an impenetrable, power-dampening dome for a year, but are Superman and Lois Lane downhearted? Are they heck? Clark is on the streets doing his best to fight crime like a minor league Batman, while Lois is his lo-tech Oracle, at his side every step of the way.  Knowing Lois, she’d be […]

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Justice League #1 review

Say hello to the New DC Universe. Tweaked costumes, younger heroes, different relationships …. it’s bound to be a bumpy ride, but that’s not so bad in the superhero genre. DC kicks off with its big guns book, hoping the traditional combination of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash and the rest draws us in … […]

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Tiny Titans #43 review

Two things are stopping the Tiny Titans becoming the Justice League. First, they’re tiny. Not much they can do about that. The second matter, though – the lack of ‘cool costumes’ – can be sorted. Simply borrow one from the grown-ups. So Superboy pops off to the Fortress of Solitude where the Phantom Zone villains […]

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Flashpoint: The Outsider #3 review

That’s a superb cover from Kevin Nowlan, with echoes of Brian Bolland’s style in the figure of Blackout. It doesn’t reflect the interior – Blackout’s not even in the book – but, hey kids, comics! The final issue of this Flashpoint mini-series sees Michael Desai, the Outsider, take on the one who sent assassins against […]

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Booster Gold #47 review

Well, it’d have been appropriate had Booster Gold ended at issue #52, but Flashpoint demands this is the last issue. Flashpoint also demands that Booster can’t save the day, but by gum, he makes a good effort. First off, it’s one more battle against Doomsday, a fight Booster’s set to lose until new lady love Alex intervenes, […]

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Legion of Doom #2 review

Heatwave continues his bid to break out of flying prison the Hall of Doom, aided by Eel O’Brien, the stretchable stinker who hates to be known as Plastic Man. They battle unofficial prison guards Atomic Skull and Animal Man, and find out who’s controlling the executing Amazo android that put paid to KGBeast, Slipknot and […]

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Emperor Aquaman #2 review

Considered in isolation, this issue’s cover –  a blood-spattered Mera – is DC going over the top. Remember what was on a variant for Flashpoint #2, though, and the company seems a model of restraint. Is it only longtime fans like me who don’t think the promise of bloody violence should be used to sell a comic […]

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Booster Gold #46 review

The fight with Doomsday in the World of Flashpoint continues, with Booster alone against the rampaging beast. It doesn’t look good, but this isn’t the same Doomsday as in the real timeline; this is a weaker version, a less wily beast. That fact, and Booster’s sheer grit, mean this is a battle he might win. […]

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Flashpoint #3 review

Flash-fried after trying to recreate the accident that gave him super-speed, Barry Allen’s in a bad way. If Batman Thomas Wayne weren’t a doctor, he’d likely be dead. As it is, the pain of third degree burns doesn’t stop him getting back into the Wayne Manor electric chair for another attempt. And for whatever reason […]

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