Batman: Three Jokers #3 review

It’s the conclusion to the long-awaited prestige format story in which Batman solved the riddle of the Three Jokers. He’s learned that there’s not one, but three Clown Princes of Crime; for years they’ve been sharing the job of making the lives of Gotham citizens miserable with their twisted sense of fun. The Joker who […]

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It’s midnight…

An old dark house. A young woman. Her mysterious beau. Her new friend. A ghost. And a super-ghost… Deadman headlined DC prestige series Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love in 2016, a beautifully written, moody, exciting, romantic, gorgeously illustrated story that’s perfect for Hallowe’en. I reviewed the first issue – here’s the link – and now, […]

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Legion of Super-Heroes #10 review

Twenty years ago, DC gave us a mini-series, Legion Worlds, exploring the planets of half a dozen members of the Legion of Super-Heroes. This issue recalls that, as new Legion creators Brian Michael Bendis and Ryan Sook take us on a tour of the 31st century. It’s a chance to develop storylines, characters and relationships, […]

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Action Comics #1026 review

Under Brian Michael Bendis, these last two years, Action Comics hasn’t strictly lived up to its name. And I’ve not minded a bit. It’s been hugely enjoyable but it’s the quieter moments that steal the show – the Lois/Clark chats; the Daily Planet conversations; the clandestine meetings of Robinson Goode and Marisol Leone. Not this […]

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Metal Men #11 review

It’s the Metal Men vs Pink Venom! Well, that’s what it looks like in the penultimate issue of the latest maxi-series starring the world’s most human robots. Series creators Dan DiDio and Shane Davis are nearing the end of their story, with the Metal Men trapped in the Dark Multiverse. The world of Plutonium Man […]

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Fantastic Four #25 review

Since at least Jim Shooter’s tenure as Editor-in-chief in the Seventies, Marvel Comics has been built on the illusion of change. A shocking romance here, a change of identity there, the destruction of the Savage Land, No More Mutants… pretty much everything gets reversed, but it’s often fun while it lasts. There’s one corner of […]

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Superman: Man of Tomorrow #17 review

Something weird is going on at Metropolis General Hospital. Purple energy seeps out of the building and a force field stops anyone entering. Inside, the patients and staff have been taken hostage. The copter cops saved, Superman is able to get information from police chief Maggie Sawyer. They’re dealing with someone named Dax, a powerful […]

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Superman #26 review

Superman is falling to the ground. Or perhaps he’s flying upwards in the vertiginous opening to this issue’s chapter of the Never Ending Battle. It’s hard to tell, but this is undeniably an exciting, eye-grabbing moment. Even as a stranger reaches for his throat, Superman reaches out with his mind, ever hopeful that this is […]

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Injustice Year Zero #8 review

The Joker, newly empowered by an ancient artefact, has taken his abuse of sidekick Harley Quinn to new levels. The psychologist turned villain knows one person can provide the emotional support she needs. But first, Poison Ivy needs to be released into the wild. Requiring a bolthole, Harley takes them to her sister’s home, where […]

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