Teen Titans #16 review

Longtime Teen Titans foe Mammoth has escaped from super-prison and he’s got a mad-on. Luckily, three Titans are on the scene and ready to round him up.  There’s an impressive display of teamwork, so you can understand why Starfire is confused afterwards, when it’s anything but Titans Together.  Feeling left out – and old – […]

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Phoenix Resurrection #4 review 

It’s just another day for Jean Grey, small town diner waitress. Wake up in a house razed by fire, talk to the paper boy… Jean isn’t noticing the fiery scenes just at the edge of her vision.  Nearby, a mass of mutants have come to New Mexico, on the trail of recent Phoenix Force manifestations. […]

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Action Comics #996 review

Today Lois Lane sneaks into the African country of Logamba in a bid to save her military man father from execution. Decades from now, Superman and Booster Gold try to survive New Krypton long enough to get the necessary materials to repair their broken time bubble and return to 2017. It won’t be easy for […]

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Trinity #17 review 

Superman and Batman are helping Wonder Woman search for Paradise Island, which has been hidden from her by godly hands. Signs of a possible interdimensional portal send the heroes flying to the North Atlantic.  And they do indeed come across a doorway to another world; it may not lead to Themyscira, but it’s certainly worth […]

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Superman #39 review 

It’s just another day in Metropolis. But not for the kids at the Children’s Cancer Centre, who are treated to an amazing sight outside their window.  It’s Superman vs old Green Lantern bad guys The Demolition Team – that’s Rosie the Riveter, Hardhat, Jackhammer, Steamroller and – titter – Scoopshovel. Five against one – the […]

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Super Sons #12 review

It’s the finale to the Super Sons of Tomorrow storyline and it has quite the opening. Having absorbed Jon Kent’s world-threatening solar flare, a future version of Tim Drake finds himself plummeting through Hypertime. As he sees many worlds and times, a telepathic link created by Raven gives her fellow Teen Titans, the Titans of […]

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