Tiny Titans #46 review

The Protector may be the cover star this time, but he’s not the most interesting thing about this issue. That can be found inside the comic – the mysterious lady in the purple robes … Yup, the enigmatic entity who helped the Flash tweak the DC Universe in Flashpoint #5 shows up here. Sort of. […]

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Astonishing X-Men #44 review

It’s been a rough few weeks for mutant leader Cyclops. Wolverine has decamped for Westchester with half the population of Utopia, leaving Scott Summers with a team of morally dubious characters to wrangle. Scott’s physical recovery following a knockdown, drag-out fight with Wolverine is progressing well, but mentally and spiritually, he’s in a bad place. Blasting apart […]

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Flash #3 review

As openings go, Flash #3 has a winner. Barry zooms up into a plunging plane and vibrates it through a Central City bridge and on to the surface of the river below, saving many lives. It’s not easy for him, but he manages it due to his newly activated speed-thinking. He’s now able to take […]

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Fantastic Four #600 review

It’s anniversary time, as the Fantastic Four celebrates 600 issues and 50 years. You likely know that we’ve never seen issues #589-#599, with the series restarted as FF earlier this year after the FINAL ISSUE that was #598. You likely never believed that claim and didn’t believe Marvel expected you to believe it. Just as […]

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Teen Titans #3 review

Kid Flash breaks out of the N.O.W.H.E.R.E. facility, taking another prisoner, Solstice, with him. Wonder Girl dresses up as a nurse to get information out of one of the brothers who comprise the villainous Thrice. And Red Robin, travelling cross country by train with teen insect queen Skitter, meets another new hero, Bunker. Ah yes, […]

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Red Hood and the Outlaws #3 review

The Red Hood, Starfire and Arsenal descend into the depths of the Chamber of All in search of the Untitled, slayer of assassins’ guild the All-Caste. Yes, the names are the pompously vague type typically associated with Himalayan mystical realms in comics, but don’t be put off – this is a gripping issue of the […]

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Legion of Super-Heroes #3 review

The Dominator fleet is ready to set down on the United Planet watchworld of Panoptes but a team of Legionnaires aren’t taking the threat lying down. They leap into the sky and wipe the graveyard grins off the faces of their longtime foes. The bad guys don’t know new members Chemical Kid and Dragonwing, recognising […]

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Supergirl #3 review

Kara Zor-El can’t believe her newly super-ears. The man claiming to be her cousin is telling her that her homeworld, Krypton, is no more. Because he has no evidence to show her, because only three days ago she was babysitting the child this … Superman … claims to be, Kara turns tail. She flees China […]

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Wonder Woman #3 review

In which the Amazons bury their dead and Diana learns that she has a father as well as a mother. Last issue, in the midst of tricking Amazon into killing Amazon, demi-goddess Strife told Diana that they shared a father – Zeus. Diana didn’t believe this, her mother Hippolyta having told her that she was […]

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Justice League #3 review

Wonder Woman joins Superman, Batman, Flash and Green Lantern as winged beasts wreak havoc in Metropolis, destroying property and kidnapping citizens. Meanwhile in Detroit, another attack by the aliens sees STAR Labs scientist Professor Ivo carried away as colleague Silas Stone bids to save son Victor from succumbing to burns received as the monsters arrived […]

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