Doom Patrol #12 review

Pretty dull. Or rather, pretty and dull. That’s the latest issue of Doom Patrol, which arrives six months after the previous one and about a year late in terms of when it should have appeared. For this is a prelude to Milk Wars, the Doom Patrol/Justice League America crossover so late that the milk had […]

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Heroes in Crisis #2 review

Someone has slaughtered the superbeings being treated for trauma at the Sanctuary facility. The Wally West Flash, Arsenal, Blue Jay and more have died, but who’s the culprit? Last issue ended with Booster Gold and Harley Quinn convinced the other had done it. As this issue opens, Harley has left an unconscious Booster in the […]

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Scooby-Doo Team-Up #43 aka DC Digital Scooby-Doo Team-Up #85 and #86

Scooby-Doo and friends are heading home from their latest mission when the Mystery Machine is diverted – down a very colourful street. Within seconds, they’re smack bang in the middle of someone else’s adventure. After things die down, there’s time for introductions. The breather doesn’t last long, as drive-by encounters with Doom Patrol enemies Garguax […]

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Titans #28 review

And it is, it is a glorious thing To be a Pirate King. That’s what Beast Boy reckons, anyway, as a tough-talking Tempest arrives from the depths to lead a team of teen heroes reeling from the loss of Nightwing. The Blade of Blüdhaven is out of action after being shot, Earth is being attacked […]

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Action Comics #1004 review

Reporter Clark Kent and editor Perry White are discussing the storm that’s hit the Metropolis underworld. A little later, he’s called into Perry’s office, where new Daily Planet gossip columnist Trish Q shows Clark a photograph of his wife, Lois, looking furtive with Lex Luthor. Trish wants to run the image and is after a […]

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Teen Titans #23 review

It’s just another day in Gotham City. Officer down! Meanwhile, on Long Island, where Kid Flash has called to tell the parents of teammate-for-five-minutes Roundhouse that their son is dead… A call from Robin has the pals heading for Gotham, where they find the dead Commissioner Gordon. Make that, ‘dead Commissioner Gordon’. Having heard Gordon […]

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Justice League #10 review

At the Arctic Circle, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Firestorm are bringing a new meaning to ‘message in a bottle’, as they try to track down the Graveyard of the Gods following the murder of Poseidon’s human form by the Legion of Doom. Off Indonesia, Superman, the Flash and Adam Strange have encountered old Challengers of […]

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Superman #4 review

Earth has been sent into the hell dimension known as the Phantom Zone. As the changed atmosphere kills people, Superman faces the ragtag army of alien criminals gathered by Rogol Zaar, the man who claims to have murdered the amazing world of Krypton. Jax-Ur, whose illegal scientific experiments exploded an inhabited moon of Krypton, is […]

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Titans #27 review

Original Teen Titan Roy Harper, Arsenal, is dead. Dick Grayson, aka Nightwing, is fighting for his life after being shot through the skull. And the Titans are crippled. Crippled by grief, confusion, self-doubt. Can they rise above the recent tragedies and continue with Nightwing’s quest to help people transformed by the cosmic crumbling of the Source […]

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Nightwing #50 review

Nightwing has been shot through the head. Not (Night)winged, properly shot. Some time later, we see Dick Grayson’s new life. He’s couch surfing without asking permission. Drinking, gambling and fighting for fun. Ignoring the entreaties of the woman who cares most for him in the world. And burning his superhero bridges. Literally. So yeah, this […]

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