Supergirl #34 review

When is a SuperDoom crossover not a SuperDoom crossover? When it’s a superb issue of Supergirl written by Tony Bedard.  I wasn’t too hopeful going into this issue. Just look at that cover. It’s well drawn by Cameron Stewart and lushly coloured by Nathan Fairbairn, to be sure, but check out poor, sad Kara – if […]

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Supergirl 34 review

Poor Superboy. First he’s killed in the Crisis of the Week. Then his jeans are ripped from his body to be worn by girlfriend/stalker Wonder Girl. And here, Tim Drake gives his Conner Kent glasses to Supergirl for her secret identity to be. What next, Krypto starts wearing Superboy’s tighty whities? Anyway, say hello to […]

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