Power Girl #21 review

How things change. When Judd Winick came on as writer I said I didn’t want this book to continually tie into his other comic, Justice League: Generation Lost. But as the months have passed, the books have become more and more intertwined. And I love it. While odd scenes are repeated from title to title, […]

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Amazing Spider-Man #655 review

If you’ve read my review of this week’s Fantastic Four #588 you’ll know I’m not a great fan of silent ‘comic’ stories. So when I opened Amazing Spider-Man, featuring the funeral of Marla Jameson, and noted the lack of dialogue and narrative, I wasn’t too hopeful. There’s no denying that the art is gorgeous, Marcos […]

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Fantastic Four #588 review

It’s the final issue of the Fantastic Four and there’s not a great deal to say. You’d think there would be, as this issue covers the month following the loss of the Human Torch in the Negative Zone. But writer Jonathan Hickman goes the gimmick route, presenting a silent story. Want to hear how Susan […]

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Legion of Super-Heroes #10 review

I can’t resist a ‘smashed logo’ cover and this is a spiffy spin on the concept from Yildiray Cinar, Wayne Faucher and Hi-Fi. There’s a real sense of power, of the momentum of the giant lizard as it lunges at Chameleon Boy. You won’t recognise the lizard, but if you’ve been paying attention to this […]

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Wonder Woman #607 review

Talk about most improved comic. Wonder Woman this month continues the Morrigan’s campaign to turn – or kill – Diana, with the threat of the minotaur unleashed. It details the assault of Artemis, Giganta and Cheetah on the Amazons’ supposed safehouse. And it has Diana teach her sisters the true meaning of being an Amazon. […]

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Justice League of America #54 review

New JLA artist Brett Booth immediately shows us what he can do with a grimly powerful cover. Inside he gamely illustrates writer James Robinson’s latest whirlwind tour of the DC Universe, producing some memorable images. Chief among them is the dark god Syththunu, an HR Giger Alien by way of HP Lovecraft, though the French villain Bete-Noire is also […]

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Supergirl #61 review

Supergirl’s in trouble, facing four of her deadliest enemies, and yet she beats the Parasite, Silver Banshee, Kryptonite Man and Metallo with ease. Watching from a distance is the mysterious, malevolent and all-round minging Alex, the inventor whose smartphone app, Flyover, meant he could send the villains against her. He reports back to his even more mysterious […]

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