Avengers Academy #21 review

It’s a new term at Avengers Academy. The Fear Itself crisis saw their interdimensional headquarters, Infinite Avengers Mansion, destroyed. One student, Veil, quit after feeling forced to kill in battle. Teachers Speedball and Justice resigned to go on a road trip. Relocating the Academy to the old Avengers West Coast Compound, headmaster Giant Man takes […]

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Avengers Academy #10 review

I’ve been wanting to see more lessons at Avengers Academy, and that’s what we get this month, with classes in Rudiments of Magic, Applied Chemistry, Extraterrestrial Culture, Anger Management and Superhuman Ethics. The guest teachers are Dr Strange and The Protector, though they’re only around for a panel or two. The real learning comes courtesy […]

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Action Comics #893 review

If anyone had told me years ago that Superman’s Action Comics would one day be a split title shared by Lex Luthor and Jimmy Olsen, I’d have laughed. But it’s happened, and I do laugh. But not at the notion, at the results. For the two strips in this issue are among the funniest DC […]

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