Spider-Gwen #1 review

When Spider-Gwen broke big a few months back I quickly downloaded a copy of her debut story in Edge of Spider-Verse #2, ready for something amazing. What was the x-factor that inspired heaps of positive reviews, sparked acres of Twitter chat and birthed dozens of Tumblrs? Darned if I could tell you. I saw a […]

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Secret Identities #1 review

I’m very much a two superhero universes person. DC and Marvel are all I really need. I try other takes every now and then, but so often it seems we’re simply getting more ‘extreme’, supposedly more realistic copies.  Image’s Secret Identities certainly has some of the archetypes – speedster, magician etc – but adds enough fresh […]

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Supergirl #39 review

The Crucible story continues with Kara ready to fight to stop Superboy being taken to the cosmic college by Maxima. As it happens, Kon-El has a surprise for Kara, deciding to go willingly – he’s been trying to find his place in the universe and maybe it’s there. Kara doesn’t accompany them from Rome, being […]

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Batman and Robin #39 review

I’ve not seen the Harley Quinn variant cover for this issue but if it’s as attractive as Patrick Gleason and Mick Gray’s Action Comics #1 homage, I’d be surprised. Just delightful.  Inside, the newly super Robin has a message for Gotham’s crooks, letting them know there’s a new power in town; Bruce takes Damian for […]

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Justice League 3000 #14 review

In which the immortal goddess Ice returns from a sleep of 1000 years. Blue Beetle and Booster Gold teleport to Cadmusworld and straight into the hands of precocious genius Terry. Terry’s sister Teri shows that since dying and being reborn with Barry Allen’s Flash DNA, she’s taken on pieces of his personality. And a strangely […]

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Justice League United #9 review

Ultra the Multi-Alien is transforming into the terrible god Infinitus, putting all of space and time at risk. The members of Justice League United and the Legion of Super-Heroes struggle to hold back his demonic heralds while Supergirl bids to stop Ultra’s change on the other end of a space hole. But in order to […]

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Action Comics #39 review

The Phantom Zone story climaxes and concludes with Superman and Steel going into the ghostly realm to confront the beast responsible for the physical and psychological horrors that have plagued Smallville. It turns out that the monster has known Clark for a very long time, and may be too much for even a man of […]

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