Superman #694 review

First off, the new costume as seen on Cafu’s cracking cover. Mon-El looks deeply weird without a tunic. This was proven in the Nineties when he had a big stupid M-shaped starfield on his chest, and again here. A tunic, with a centre split, would add interest but here the little blue S-shield, cute as […]

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Teen Titans #77 review

I enjoyed the recent Blackest Night: Teen Titans mini hugely and a big reason for that was writer JT Krul, who mixed adventure and emotion to excellent effect. So seeing he was filling in on this regular issue, and noticing the cover homage to New Teen Titans #1, I was rather interested to see where […]

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Wonder Woman #38 review

Wonder Woman stares defiantly off Aaron Lopresti’s cover, one eye plunged into darkness as light strikes the bar of her cell. You can see this isn’t a heroine about to sit meekly in a cell. I open the comic, anticipating Diana’s righteous fury, sparked by her mother’s imprisonment at the hands of Paradise Island usurpers […]

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Outsiders #24 review

It’s another Blackest Night tie-in but the main reasons Outsiders bobbed near the top of my pile were the questions that have been distracting me for months. Will Halo get more than two lines of dialogue? Might her fellow Outsiders remember that her civilian name is Gaby, not Violet? And when will Writer Peter J […]

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Adventure Comics #4 review

Love Jerry Ordway’s art as I do, I must admit initial disappointment at seeing he’s subbing for Francis Manapul this issue; Manapul’s melancholy stylings, aided by colourist Brian Buccelatto, have given Adventure a pleasing, unique tone these last few months. The latter is on board here, laying down both pre- and post-Crisis tones, and it’s […]

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Flash: Rebirth #5 review

The eeeeevil Professor Zoom faces off against more good super-speedsters than you can shake a winged helmet at at an issue with the wow factor on pretty much every Flash-packed page. There are character moments, story revelations, costume changes, power tweaks . . . the speed trick writer Geoff Johns and artist Ethan Van Sciver […]

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Batman and Robin #6 review

So when was the last time you saw a pink cover on a Batman book? Probably never. Expect this issue to score highly in the little girl market. It’s just a shame no one thought to make a glitter variant. I bet new villain the Flamingo loves glitter, mincing matador that he is – the […]

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