Static Shock #1 review

I’ve not read many comics with Static in them, just a handful of Teen Titans. Obviously a good kid, electrical powers, seems to use them to manipulate a flying disc. So here’s a chance for me to be pretty much the fresh reader whom the New 52 books hope to grab. Consider me ungrabbed. In […]

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Xombi #3 review

This comic book is amazing. It has a hero who can’t die. Roman Catholic nuns with super-powers. A schoolgirl whose metahuman abilities are fueled by by faith. A kick-ass rabbi. A philosophical ghost. An immortal villain. Back-seat golems.  And more. All in 20 pages. And while the story reads like the X-Files on steroids, it doesn’t feel at […]

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Xombi #1 review

David Kim gets a second shot at comics success with this issue, which appears under the imprint of DC Comics rather than offshoot Milestone. Whatever helps, I suppose. Certainly one of the reasons I didn’t bother much with the Milestone titles in the Nineties was that I was busy with the DC and Marvel lines, […]

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