Forever Evil #6 review

It’s the penultimate issue of Forever Evil and things are rather heating up. Batman and a bevy of super-baddies led by Lex Luthor break into the fallen JLA satellite and battle the Crime Syndicate. The kidnapped Nightwing is found and he’s in a sticky position. And the mysterious Man in the Hood stands revealed. The […]

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Batman Incorporated #3 review

Batman revives his underworld alter ego, hustler Matches Malone, to pump Gotham lowlives for information on the Leviathan organisation that serves Talia al-Ghul. Along the way he flirts with chanteuse Lumina Lux, and her need for a knight in shining armour lands Matches in big trouble. Damian, meanwhile, kicks against Batman’s grounding of Robin by […]

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Batman #11 review

It’s Batman vs Owlman in the finale to the Court of Owls storyline. Lincoln March, now claiming to be Thomas Wayne Jr, snares Batman and drags him into the sky to show off his version of Gotham – a twisted reflection of the one Bruce Wayne knows. Batman takes a fair few knocks, but finally […]

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