Action Comics #1054 review

The battle between Metallo and the Super Family continues in the new Action Comics anthology. The opening page is a picture of intensity as Warworld refugee turned Kent family member Otho looms over a burning car. Beside the car, a burning man, a member of the anti-extraterrestrial Blue Earth movement. Feeling threatened, the immature Otho […]

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Green Arrow #1 review

Missing from the DC Universe since the exaggerated death of the Justice League, Green Arrow is back in the spotlight. He’s not on Earth, though. He’s somehow wound up on a sci-fi version of the island on which, long ago, a shipwrecked Oliver Queen learnt to use a bow and arrow. And his dialogue reveals […]

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Superman #3 review

Parasites are popping up across Metropolis in all shapes and sizes. If Superman and the Super Family don’t contain them the world could be doomed. Unfortunately, as this issue begins a Parasite-tainted Superman arrives at Metropolis jail to absorb energy from one of the biggest power players on the planet. As it turns out, Superman […]

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The Flash #797 review

Wally and Linda West’s twins Irey and Jai are well into the idea of being superheroes. What they’re less keen on is being attacked by arch-foes out for revenge before they’ve actually fought for the first time. That’s what happens when their uncle Ace – the current Kid Flash – agrees to babysit them for […]

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Superman: Lost #2 review

Superman is home. Physically at least. Sent light years away from Earth in the act of saving the world from a quantum singularity, Clark has found his way back to Lois. He’s been back over a week, but isn’t able to slot back into his life. He’s foetal, he has to be reminded to breathe […]

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