Extraordinary X-Men #1 review

The Secret Wars are over, the Terrigen Mists are sterilising mutants, Cyclops has done something terrible, everybody hates muties… considering this is meant to be All New, All Different Marvel, it’s surprising how Same Old, Same Old it feels.  A new X-Men title should be an event, but it seems little but the details have […]

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SHIELD #2 review

I enjoyed the first issue of Marvel TV tie-in SHIELD lots. I enjoyed this second instalment lots more. The opening story was sprawling, epic stuff which still found room for some nice character bits. This time it’s a much smaller-scale tale, offering plenty of room for even more great moments with its tighter cast. The […]

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The Amazing Spider-Man #1 review

It took six issues for the mainstream Marvel Universe to cobble together an African American Nick Fury to match movie version Samuel L Jackson. So how long to make white super-villain Electro darker skinned in the hope that (drunk) Amazing Spider-Man 2 fans will think they’re looking at Jamie Foxx? From this … … to […]

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Amazing Spider-Man #699 review

As I said in my review of last issue, we never did see Dr Octopus’ body flatline, so it’s no shock that this issue opens with medics on The Raft super-villain prison fighting to save him. But remember, the ‘him’ is Peter Parker, his mind swapped with that of Otto Octavius. So even as the […]

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Amazing Spider-Man #692 review

I’ve been away from Amazing Spider-Man for a few months – too many extended storylines, new costumes, the $3.99 price point … but I do like an anniversary issue, and this one marks 50 years since Amazing Fantasy #15 saw Peter Parker gain his powers. I like the main figure of Spidey on Humberto Ramos’s […]

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Ant-Man and Wasp #1 review

Hank Pym, Earth’s Scientist Supreme and head teacher of Avengers Academy – Wasp. Eric O’Grady, shady SHIELD agent turned mercenary and Secret Avenger – Ant-Man. Putting these two together for a mini-series sounded like a gimmick based purely on their names. Which it is, obviously. It’s Ant-Man and the Wasp, but instead of original Ant-Man […]

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