Nightwing #16 review

Here’s a book that promises something fun and gives us so much more. The cover tells us it’s Damian Vs Dick for the Bat-Crown. It’s a bit of a non-issue because Dick and Damian are a generation apart so there’s no reason they can’t both wear the pointy ears at some point. Heck, Dick already […]

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Justice League #13 review

Steve Trevor’s looking forward to an evening with his sister and her kids when Washington is hit by darkness. The elder god Eclipso has been freed and he’s taking over the populace, amplifying and unleashing their worst instincts.  With his colleagues a howling mob and the Justice League the slaves of Eclipso, Steve – for […]

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New Suicide Squad #17 review

Her Majesty’s Government wants its own version of the Suicide Squad. UK super-team the Victory Vs have gone down, so one Mr Ashemore is despatched to Belle Reve Penitentiary on a factfinding mission. Task Force X director Amanda Waller gives him a tour of the facility, where different cell blocks represent a super-prisoner’s readiness to serve […]

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Grayson Annual #2 review

Several years ago, Batman and Robin are trying to stem a rampage by the hulking Blockbuster. The creature is nigh unstoppable but they have a secret weapon – Superman.  Today, original Robin Dick Grayson is preparing to leave Gotham after a failed attempt to quit dodgy espionage organisation Spyral. He’s decided to have ‘one last […]

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Grayson #12 review

It’s fair to say this is the issue I’ve been waiting for, as Dick Grayson returns to Gotham City and lets his friends know he’s alive. Well, all except Bruce Wayne, who’s currently a new man, free of any memory of his life as Batman. That situation makes for a compelling opening scene as Dick, […]

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Grayson #2 review

Lor luv a duck, it’s those bloomin’ Yanks, writing about dear old Blighty again …Oh all right, the dialogue’s not too bad in this England-set issue, as Agent 37 – better known as Dick Grayson – decides the best way to blend in with the Leicestershire locals is to use his stunning facility with accents. […]

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