Green Arrow: Futures End #1 review

I dropped off Green Arrow shortly after the team of Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino came on the book. Their work was impressive, their direction assured, but not really my cup of tea. Still, new Green Arrow Emiko Queen’s involvement in the Futures End series – co-written by Lemire – intrigued me enough to pick […]

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Green Arrow #17 review

… or perhaps, Green Arrow #1, take three, what with this being the book’s second relaunch in its short existence. The new creative team is writer Jeff Lemire and artist Andrea Sorrentino, both of whom have proven able to negotiate the choppy waters of DC’s ongoing New 52 promotion and produce quality comic books with […]

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I, Vampire #12 review

Just look at Clayton Crain’s cover – Midnighter, Apollo and Jack Hawksmoor attack as vampire lord Andrew Bennett readies to bite on-off lover Mary, Queen of Blood. Horror meets sci-fi superheroics in a beautiful, intriguing design, superbly rendered, and topped by a lovelymagenta logo. Well, you can judge this book by that cover, because here […]

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