Superboy #26 review

It’s Superboy #26, a comic I was determined not to buy, but you know how Santa is, leaving behind things he read on the way over from the North Pole. I didn’t want to support this decidedly uneven series any longer due to its replacing the lead character with a darker version. Kon El is […]

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Doctor Who Special 2013 review

Thrown through an anomaly, the Doctor finds himself on a familiar world. It’s Earth, but not his Earth – it’s a world in which everyone recognises him. Not, though, as the Doctor, but as the actor Matt Smith, who plays the Doctor on a television show that’s celebrating its golden anniversary.  As is his wont, […]

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Supergirl #26 review

It’s new creative team time, as writer Tony Bedard and artists Yildiray Cinar and Ray McCarthy bid to steer the unsteady ship that is Supergirl into calmer waters. Well, eventually, anyway – we know that the next storyline has Supergirl give in to rage and become a Red Lantern, the idea of Red Lanterns writer […]

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Mighty Avengers #4 review

Mighty Avengers? Not if this logo is anything to go by. If you actually spot it on the comic store shelf – the bottom right placing virtually guarantees cover-up by the next title along – that tiny roadsign thing says the Apologetic Avengers. The Meek Avengers. The Namby-Pamby, Move Along, Nothing To See Here Avengers. […]

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Batman #26 review

It’s still Zero Year, when Bruce Wayne was developing his Batman role, and he’s fighting Dr Death. A brilliant medic self-transformed into a monster able to control his bone growth, he wants revenge on Wayne employee Lucius Fox for perceived slights. And if he gets to take down Bruce Wayne along the way, all the […]

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Justice League 3000 #1 review

It’s the 31st century – do you know who your heroes are? Here’s Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash and Green Lantern, the Justice League, reborn to deliver paradise back to the people from whom it’s been snatched away. But do they have what it takes? Some of the superbeings we meet in this debut […]

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Inhumanity #1 review

Attilan has fallen. The floating stronghold of the Inhumans has blasted apart above the planet, raining down Terrigen Mists to transform humans with Inhuman DNA. New super-powered beings are popping up all over the world … … or so we’re told. We’re told an awful lot in this continuation of recent Marvel event Infinity. Our […]

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Action Comics #26 review

A monster has emerged from the ground in South America and the people are in a panic. Electrical engineer Lana Lang grabs a security guard’s dropped gun and fires at the beast. She’s scared, but excited. Onto the scene comes Superman, having traced the tectonic disturbances he felt in Metropolis. Man battles monster, until a […]

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