Doctor Who Special 2013 review

Thrown through an anomaly, the Doctor finds himself on a familiar world. It’s Earth, but not his Earth – it’s a world in which everyone recognises him. Not, though, as the Doctor, but as the actor Matt Smith, who plays the Doctor on a television show that’s celebrating its golden anniversary.  As is his wont, […]

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Knight and Squire #6 review

Time to stop play, just for today, Jarvis is saying goodbye … goodbye … Would Jarvis Poker the British Joker survive the unexpected and unwanted visit by his role model? That was the question that concerned me as I approached the final issue of this six-part series. For creators Paul Cornell and Jimmy Broxton have […]

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Knight and Squire #5 review

Jarvis Poker, the British Joker, is dying. Realising that he’s more of a joke than a Joker, Poker embarks on one last spectacular crime spree. One last spectacularly inept crime spree, that makes him a bigger joke than ever. Deducing that the Rose & Crown Prince of Crime’s jig is nearly up, Knight and Squire […]

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Knight and Squire #4 review

It’s the fourth issue of the Knight and Squire mini-series and I’m depressed. Depressed because there are only two more issues to go starring Cyril and Beryl, the UK’s answer to Batman and Robin. I adore this book, just adore it. Still, let’s not dwell on the bad, it’s just not British. Let’s be happy […]

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Knight and Squire #2 review

I can’t remember the last time, while reading a comic, that I paused at every other panel to share a moment with my non-comics reading pal Steve*. That’s how it was with this issue, which sees Beryl – Squire in civvies – on hand as a newsagent sends a rubbish supervillain packing. It seems that […]

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Knight and Squire #1 review

The Knight and Squire are the British Batman and Robin. And a lot more besides. The only obvious ways in which they’re copies of the Dynamic Duo are their dedication to justice, and mentor/sidekick arrangement. Some of their opponents – such as Jarvis Poker, the British Joker – are ‘cover versions’ of US originals. Other […]

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