Bloodlines #1 review

Well, if Marvel can redo Secret Wars (twice!), DC can certainly bring back the Bloodlines concept. If you missed 1993, a) you’re young and I hate you, and b) it was an event which saw aliens ‘infect’ regular folk with super-powers. This brought us the likes of Anima, Argus, and Hitman – the breakout character […]

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Green Arrow #1 review

One of the aspects of the New 52 books from DC that I’m appreciating is the extended scope of adventures. In the old days a hero was more likely to visit the dead planet Krypton than, say, Wales. When a country other than the USA did appear, it was usually there only to be blasted […]

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Teen Titans #100 review

It’s the fight no one demanded, Superboy Prime vs the Teen Titans. Time and time again Prime has been defeated, placed in an ‘ultimate prison’, depowered, whatever … but he keeps coming back. DC writers just love him, with this month’s fan being JT Krul. He’s allied Prime with a Legion of Doom comprising villainous […]

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Wonder Girl #1 review

Ah, simplicity, I love you. Over in Wonder Woman there’s continuity crushing and confusion aplenty as a tweaked Diana searches for the truths of her life over the course of 12 issues or more. In this one-shot, Wonder Girl visits her mother at an archaelogical conference in London and foils a heist by mud-morpher Lady Zand, with […]

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Teen Titans #88 review

I don’t know how many times I’ve dropped this book, but here we go again – new creative team, new day. So hello to writer JT Krul, penciller Nicola Scott and inker Doug Hazlewood. A few members have departed since last I read this book – nasty Bombshell, lovely Aquagirl – but the rest of […]

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