Scarlet Witch #2 review

It’s tough to get on with writing a review when you can’t stop looking at the art. It’s only the second week of January and I’ve no doubt Scarlet Witch #2 will be one of the best-looking comics of 2016. Just look at Marco Rudy’s work… Wanda has travelled to the Greek island of Santorini […]

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Action Comics Annual #13 review

Two tales from the early years of Lex Luthor, one Earth-bound but looking to the stars, the other taking us to another world, one that may eventually rule Earth. Two tales, and three father figures for the man who murdered his own father. The opening story, ‘Father Box’, shows us Lex’s first day in Metropolis, soon after […]

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Supergirl Annual #2 review

Who wouldn’t grab a chance to be somewhere else when things get overwhelming at home. And when you’re a superheroine, the chances tend to be bigger. So it is that when her rocket trip back from the Bizarro World ends in the 31st Century, Supergirl decides to stay awhile. After several adventures with the Legion […]

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