Green Arrow Annual #2 review 

So there I was reading No Justice #4, planning a review, when I came across a panel including an editor’s note.  OK, if I need to read Green Arrow Annual #2 first, that’s what I shall do. And on the first page of that book, I find this box.  Oh dear, what to do. Is […]

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Man of Steel #1 review

Years ago, a massive, battle-scarred figure appeals to a universal power known as The Circle. Rogol Zaar hates and fears the people of Krypton. He wants to end the threat he claims they pose to the galaxy.   Today, in Metropolis, two visiting villains from Gotham are having a spat. It seems Firefly has done […]

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The Flash #47 review 

Barry Allen and Wally West, in their Flash costumes, are having a massive argument.  Flashback. ‘Forty-seven minutes and 18 seconds earlier’, Iris West is cementing her status as Earth’s coolest aunt by fixing the motorcycle Wally’s cousin, also named Wally and also a speedster, Kid Flash, couldn’t.  The two Flashes show up, having teamed up […]

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The Terrifics #4 review

 Plastic Man, Phantom Girl, Metamorpho and Mr Terrific are off on a road trip. Through interdimensional space. While the guys are all from 21st-century Earth, Linnya Wazzo hails from the Planet Bgztl, the vagaries of the Dark Multiverse having separated her from her parents.  Happily, Mr Terrific – the third-smartest man around – can […]

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Super Sons 16 review 

Robin and Superboy’s foe Kid Amazo has taken over the Justice League. It’s using them as batteries to power its android form, but wants a stronger body to contain the power. And it has its eye on someone.  The boys aren’t without adult help – although Robin would deny needing any – as Cyborg wasn’t […]

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Supergirls and Ladders – thoughts on a new creative team and direction for Kara

Up, up and awaaaay!  And sideways. And backwards. And forwards for a little while. Then backwards again… There’s a famous Action Comics cover that shows Supergirl’s journey from scared teenager to confident heroine in the form of a board game. If they redid that cover today, nothing could be more appropriate than a game of […]

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New Challengers #1 review

Trini Alvarez. Robert Brink. Moses Barber. And… ‘Krunch. Just Krunch’? Four adventurers living on borrowed time, ready to face the challenges of the Unknown.  Here we go again. DC returns to the Challengers of the Unknown concept but without the original team. Instead we get a quartet of new characters gathered by, it seems, one […]

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Superman Special #1 review 

Jon Kent can’t sleep. There’s a wooden leg looking at him from across his bedroom, reminding him of a promise he and his father made. They’ve not broken it, but neither have they fulfilled it. Months ago, they were stranded on Dinosaur Island, a strange realm of monsters that may be in the past, or […]

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Flash #46 review

Wally West’s head is spinning. As he regains more of his pre-Flashpoint memories, the more out of touch with his new reality he becomes. A worried Barry Allen calls in some experts. In the future, Eobard Thawne and Hunter Zolomon, dark reflections of Barry and Wally, are trying to agree on how best to find […]

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